Review: For the Love of Soup by Jeanelle Mitchell


Category: Cook Book

Published: 2002

Score: 4/5

This is a cookbook so there really isn’t a synopsis. It is a book that is all about soup and recipes of soup.

I have yet to do a review of a soup but I believe that this is a great start.

A couple of things that are great about this cookbook:

– It’s only recipes. I am not a fan of a cookbook with a story. Nothing wrong with that but I purchaseĀ a cook book to use it to cook not read.

– The recipes are easy to read and simple instructions. Even if your just starting out with soups (guilty of that) than you can still do them and they turn out delicious.

– There are many different types of soups. You get everything from meat soups to creamy soups to vegetable soups.


I have made two of the soups so far and plan on doing more. They were the Creamy Chickpea Soup and the Tortellini Vegetable Soup. Both of these were delicious and amazing soups and I can tell you the whole family loved them!

If you are looking to get in to cooking more soups this is the book for you. I’d give it a 5/5 but I have yet to make all the soups and so can not give it a perfect score.