Review: The Boy In The Oak by Jessica Albarn

Category: 3-5 Picture Book

Published: September 2010

Read: May 2017

Score: 3/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) In the garden behind the cottage grows an ancient Oak that hides a secret. The young boy who lives in the cottage couldn’t care less about the tree and certainly doesn’t know it is enchanted. But the Faeries soon change this…
They cast a spell which causes the ancient Oak to swallow the boy whole. As the seasons pass, the boy trapped inside begins to experience the world as a tree, and regret his cruelty towards nature. But the Oak does not let him go. Then a new family with a young girl moves into the cottage. The girl senses magic behind the mystery of the boy who disappeared there many years ago. Will she discover the Faeries and what they’ve done? And, more importantly, will she be able to break the spell?

Review: This was a weird book, with a good message but weird and not one I would read to my child until they were a lot older as it could be deemed scary. It’s also interesting because it’s long but in between each pages are these thin sheets with really beautiful simple drawings of faeries and trees and people. They truly are beautiful.

It’s about a boy who pisses off the faeries of the forest behind his house by being mean to living creatures and nature. They trap him in a tree and when he see’s his parents leave thinking he was kidnapped he is stuck there for what sounds like a very very long time. Than eventually another family moves in and a little girl is with them. Does she see him? Can he save her before the same fate happens to her as did to him?

As I said it’s a bit of a dark story. About a kid whose parents think was kidnapped but really just put in a tree for all eternity. It’s also a long story. I can’t see most young kids sitting put for the whole thing. Its got dark undertones despite being a kids book.

Overall it’s not a bad story. Good moral…do not hurt nature and respect all things living and not.

Well written and as I said earlier it’s got beautiful pictures that were great to look at.


Through the Woods by Emily Carroll



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