Review: The Silver Gate by Kristin Bailey

Category: 9-12 Fiction

Published: January 10, 2017

Read: May 2017

Score: 3.5/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) In shepherd boy Elric’s tiny village, people think children like his younger sister, Wynn, are changelings-left by fairies and doomed to curse all around them. As a baby, Wynn was born with developmental delays, and according to the rules, she was supposed to be abandoned in the woods.
Instead Elric’s mother saved his sister and hid her away for eleven years. They live in secret and fear of being discovered, yet their home is full of love, laughter, and singing. Wynn and Elric’s favorite song is about the Silver Gate, a beautiful fairy realm where all children are welcome.
But when their long-absent father returns to sell Wynn to the Lord’s castle as a maid, Elric realizes that folk songs and fantasies can’t protect them from the outside world. They have to run away. Still Wynn believes there’s only one place they’ll ever be safe, and it lies beyond the Silver Gate.
The road to freedom is long and treacherous. If they have any hope for survival, Elric and Wynn must learn to depend on each other above everything else-and discover the magic that always reveals itself when it seems like all is lost.

Review: This was a cute and touching book that I really enjoyed reading. It has a good message and talks about the bond of siblings that can form even in the most dire of situations. It also shows us that no matter your abilities or what life has handed you deep down we are all good people who just want to be loved and treated with respect.

It’s about Elric and Wynn who go on an adventure after their mother dies to save Wynn from becoming a slave in the local castle whom she has just been sold too by her father. Elric risks everything to help save her and get her somewhere safe…but the question remains as to where that actually is.

Wynn has some sort of mental disability and it’s never mentioned what. Children born with things like are considered “changelings” that are children that were switched by ferries and left instead. I am sure this is not a new concept in our history. Wynn was special and hidden away because of this but now she needs to be protected.

They meet good and bad people along the way and find out there is more to life than what meets the eye and magic is always all around.

There are a few heavy topics in this book and people get hurt so for the younger kids just starting to read this might not be the one they should start with. The writing was well done and you could picture everything clearly. It was also left over for a sequel. I probably won’t pick it up but I am happy I read this one.

I gave it the score I did as it was an okay book but not a grabbing attention book. I did like it but I won’t read it again and I found some parts very slow to get through. It was good for what it was.

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