Review: Just Like Family by Kate Hilton

Category: Adult Fiction

Published: May 2017

Read: April 2017

Score: 4/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) Avery Graham has built a life that anyone would admire. She has a brilliant career as chief of staff to Peter Haines, the charismatic mayor of Toronto. She has a devoted partner in Matt, her live-in boyfriend of 14 years. And she has a loving family and deep friendships that stretch back to childhood summers at the cottage.
But when Matt proposes, Avery’s past threatens to engulf her present. Can she contemplate a lifetime commitment to Matt after her disastrous first marriage to Hugh? And is Matt really the love of her life, when she has spent so much of it by Peter’s side? Avery could use some good advice from the women who know her best, but her closest friends, Jenny and Tara, have drifted away over the years.
When a scandal erupts at city hall, Avery must overcome her deepest fears about love and loss, and discover what it means to be a family.

Review: This book was won as part a of a Harper Collins Canada contest that I entered so I was able to get my hands on it before it’s even published. This in no way reflects on my review or what I think about it. This is an honest review of this book.

So overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a light read and fun and really hit home. I’ve grew up and lived in Toronto for many years over my sort of long/short life. I love the city and love visiting now and am invested in what goes on there. As a person who lived there during the infamous Rob Ford scandal this book was really enjoyable and really hit home.

It revolves around the main character Avery. She works as the chief of staff at Toronto city hall with her childhood crush Peter who is the current city mayor. The story goes between the now and the past when she was a child at her parents cottage with her best friends. Things happened to her when she was younger and that shaped who she is today. She is distant, obsessed with work and not friends with her friends anymore. Is it her fault or is it just the way life goes? She is also in a long term relationship with Matt who wants more and if he doesn’t get it will he leave? Than a scandal rocks city hall and will she survive?

Avery is a character who can be annoying but is someone you ultimately root for as she isn’t a bad person just made some dumb choices and has been selfish. Matt is the greatest character in the book. You can’t help but love him and how he’s written. Just an overall good guy and I love when you  meet characters like this. The mayor is a jerk, and many reasons why but I won’t go in to that too much or else I will give away a good part of the scandal.

It’s well written and easy to read. It’s not hard to figure out what time period that the author is talking about, even thou some of the chapters overlap. So in that sense it’s not confusing and I am happy for that. It’s not overly heavy content so it’s also a refreshing read as well.

My only problem with it, and why it got a four instead of a five is because of the ending. Everything was dealt with and it ended good but it felt really rushed. Things happened than were poof resolved and the book ended….(double take). Yes it happens like that and it was disappointing. It felt rushed and you feel a little cheated for putting that much effort in to this and then it’s just over and all knots are tied nicely.

I am glad I got to read this book. I do recommend it to anyone who likes these kinds of stories or knows Toronto well. It’s neat to read about places you have been and seen with your own eyes. I look forward to reading anything else this author might come out with.



We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, A Better Man by Leah McLaren.

Adult contemporary novels. Anything to do with Toronto.



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