Review: The Killer Book of Cold Cases by Tom Philbin

Category: True Crime

Published: August 2011

Read: March 2017

Score: 3/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) Shocking Stories of the Most Infamous Unsolved Crimes
Every criminal dreams of committing the perfect crime. A crime that is so well executed, with clues and evidence so scarce, that even the experts are left baffled. The Killer Book of Cold Cases takes you behind the crime scene tape and deep into the investigations of some of the most puzzling and notorious cold cases of all time from murders to kidnappings to massive bombings that were open for years before the criminal was finally brought to justice.

Review: This is your typical crime book with a number of different stories in it. Most of them you will probably have already heard of or researched because they are older and have been solved (or not) but they are still here anyway. It is written with trivia, and similar cases in each one profiled it does have a little more than your average crime book like this. 

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There are stories such a D.B. Cooper who hijacked a plane and took off with a ton of money (for the time) and was never seen from again. No one know who he is or where he went after jumping out of the plane mid-flight. There is also a stories of Jaycee Dugard whom is now found and safe home after 18 years of captivity. Also the story of the Tylenol murders which were never solved.

It’s a collection of cold cases that are solved and not which is interesting. What I really liked about it is it described way how the cases were messed up, particularly in the case of Jaycee Dugard and how the system failed her over and over and over again.

If you like to read stories like this you will defiantly like this book as it gives a bit more. It would have been better if it was cases that were all cold case and not solved but the mix is alright too as you can see from both sides of solved and not. The extras were good too. That is the reason why I only gave it 3 thou because it’s your typical cases that are so famous that you already know about them anyway. It would also have been a better read if it was cases that are not so well-known but considered cold cases. 

I know this author has a whole bunch of books along these lines and I will probably read them if I get a chance but I have read better true crime books.

You like anything by Tom Philbin, like cold cases, like true crime books.


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