#TBT Review: Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Aslanea


Category: Adult Fiction

Published: January 2005

Read: March 2014

Score: 3/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) ‘Girls of Riyadh’ captures the trials and tribulations of a middle-class society quite unlike our own and blows the lid off all our preconceptions of Arab life.

Review: This was an interesting book that I am glad I read but will probably not read again. It is a story about four different women who is from Saudia Aribia or lives there now. Being someone who has never traveled there or known anyone from this particular country I can’t say for sure if it’s an honest telling but I can say it’s an interesting take on a different culture and society which I will never be  a part of. I do know people who are Arab but I was unable to ask them if they can vouch for this book or not.

Each story is different and follows the women through a part of their life. New love, going to school, going to America are some of them.

Some of the stories are great, as the women who find love and go to school have wonderful and fulfilling lives and are happy. They set their own rules and do what they want to do and makes their dreams come true. Despite their dreams being different from each other.

The story of the women who went to America bothered me a lot. I know this much happen a lot but it was still hard to read. Her husband turned out to be super abusive and she had a child and came back to her parents but because was getting a divorce and had a child she was an outcast and unloved and considered below everyone. I could not even imagine what it’s like to be like this and it hurts to read about despite it probably being true.

This was a story that was well written despite the content and I think it’s important to read and learn about other cultures despite not agreeing with them. I feel this is a good book to read now as with what is going on in the world and the views that are expressed about cultures like this one.

I will not read it again but I am glad I read it once.

YOU WILL LIKE THIS STORY IF YOU LIKE: Different cultures, stories about women, stories about different women, fiction like The Kite Runner.



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