#TBT Review: Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy


Category: Adult Fiction

Published: March 2012

Read: September 2013

Score: 4/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) The body of a young girl is found mangled and murdered in the woods of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, in the shadow of the abandoned Godfrey Steel mill. A manhunt ensues—though the authorities aren’t sure if it’s a man they should be looking for.
Some suspect an escapee from the White Tower, a foreboding biotech facility owned by the Godfrey family—their personal fortune and the local economy having moved on from Pittsburgh steel—where, if rumors are true, biological experiments of the most unethical kind take place. Others turn to Peter Rumancek, a Gypsy trailer-trash kid who has told impressionable high school classmates that he’s a werewolf. Or perhaps it’s Roman, the son of the late JR Godfrey, who rules the adolescent social scene with the casual arrogance of a cold-blooded aristocrat, his superior status unquestioned despite his decidedly freakish sister, Shelley, whose monstrous medical conditions belie a sweet intelligence, and his otherworldly control freak of a mother, Olivia.

Review: This is one heck of a novel and I still remember the feeling of what it was like to read it the first time. I have also watched the Netflix series (season 1) and have the experience of doing both.

You have a bit of everything in this novel like sex, werewolves, demons, scientific experiments. You name it, this book probably has something about it in the book.

It follows Roman and Peter. One is a “gypsy” and the other is a rich kid whose family basically owns the town. They meet after a girl is found murdered in the woods to what looks like an animal attack. Then rumors start flying that it’s a werewolf. It could be many different things like Peter, who claims he’s a werewolf, or the White Tower where they do experiments. It’s a who done it with a gothic overtone and lots of action and sex throughout. When you find out what is happening it’s fantastic ending and a twist I did not expect.

It also leaves it open for a second book but you can end the story here and be happy with how it ended. No suspense for what is to come. pic_1405533277_4

The book is better than the show, the show changes a lot but really are we surprised. This happens all the time with an adaption. That being said the show is not bad and for entertainment value is also very good and I did enjoy watching it.

This is a book for you if you like these supernatural stories, or an action packed adventure in finding out what did what and why. For teens or anyone younger I might not recommend this book to the really young or sensitive ones. It’s graphic in different ways and might not be appropriate.

If you liked the book than I highly recommend you watch the show as well. Happy Reading!




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