Review: Minrs by Kevin Sylvester


Category: 9-12 Fiction

Published: September 2015

Read: November 2016

Score: 4/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) In space. Underground. And out of time. Christopher Nichols and his family live on a new planet, Perses, as colonists of Melming Mining’s Great Mission to save the earth. Dozens of families like Christopher’s have relocated, too, like his best friend Elena Rosales.
A communications blackout with Earth hits, and all of Perses is on its own for three months. It’s okay, though, because the colonists have prepared, stockpiling food and resources to survive. But they never prepared for an attack. Landers, as the attackers are called, obliterate the colony to steal the metal and raw ore. Now in a race against time, Christopher, along with a small group of survivors, are forced into the maze of mining tunnels. The kids run. They hide. But can they survive?

Review: This is an action packed adventure set in space with a bunch of kids that have to survive without getting in fights with each other and missing their families. digger-kevinsylvester

It’s all from the point of view of Christopher who after seeing his parents get killed by the “landers” takes a leadership role and helps rally the survivors of the attack when the black out happens on Perses. It’s the planet they are living on mining metals to send back to Earth as Earth has lost all the resources they have. They retreat to the mines to hide and gather resources all while trying to work together. They are a rag-tag group of kids, of all different ages and find it hard listening to anyone who isn’t a parent. They also have access to the equipment left behind. They try to take the “landers” in different ways and trouble ensures. The book is left with “they are coming”. minrs-cover

It’s a great book. It’s easy to read and despite some death and hard subjects it’s innocent in the way that it’s a bunch of kids fighting for their lives. It’s well written and overall a good story line. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because it was such a cliff hanger ending and I don’t have the 2nd book yet.

mmposter2For kids this is a great book and I highly recommend it. It’s an action story with a science fiction twist and situations that kids that age  can totally relate too. It does have some death moments in it so if your child is a sensitive one maybe this isn’t the book for them.

I can see it being a longer series, as this is also the author of Neil Flambe. He knows what he is doing and is big in the series for kids world.

Overall a great book, happy I read it and I cant wait to read the second one in the series.


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