Review: Frightmares by Michael Dahl


Category: 6-8 Fiction

Published: 2015

Read: October 2016

Score: 4/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) What if you only had one hundred words to warn humanity of a deadly danger? What if your favorite sci-fi movie suddenly turned into a real-life worst nightmare? What if a girl you’ve never seen before keeps showing up in photos on your cell phone? What if you hear a knocking sound in the middle of the night? In each of the 27 tales in this book, people are afraid. Very afraid. Read their stories. See if you share their fears. Because if you don’t now . . . you will.

Review: This was a book I decided to pick up because it was Halloween and what a better time to read some “scary stories”. It’s an easy read for the younger kids and I got to say I was not really scared…at all but they were good stories and I am happy I read this.

It is a collection of very short stories, no more than a few pages each if that. They range from stories inside the house, around the corner and out of your mind. In each section you find stories that are in theme with these categories.

screen480x480Some of the best ones are The Stranger on the Stairs, about a boy who doesn’t like to go upstairs because of the man who sits at the top of the stairs. His mother doesn’t believe him until it’s too late. The Doll that Waved Goodbye about a girl who becomes obsessed with  a doll hand that her camp mate wears on a necklace around her neck… why won’t she let people touch it? Also, The Worlds Most Awesome Toothpaste, about a boy who learns what happens when he uses the best toothpaste in the world with the worse consequences.

Some of them can be scary for the little kids and even though it’s considered a 6-8 book it’s more for the 8-year-old than the 6-year-old. It’s  a lot of words and not a lot of pictures, but as I said it’s a little scary for some of the younger ones.

Unless you have that fearless kid…than hand them this book and let them go.

Overall it’s well written and clever and fun overall for anyone who likes these kinds of things. Being a horror fan I  liked it but at the end of the day it is a little kids book. I could see some of these stories being really awesome short movies that you find on Youtube. 6a01156fbb1c3d970c01bb0888165a970d

So if you want a quick read I say pick this up if “scary”stories are your thing.


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