#TBT Review: The Death of Innocence by John Ramsey and Pat Ramsey


Category: Auto-Biography/True Crime

Published: March 2000

Read: 2006

Score: 3/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) The parents of JonBent Ramsey, murdered in her Boulder, Colorado, home on Christmas night, 1996, answer their accusers by sharing their hearts, emotions, and reflections, and they reveal their own theories about the crime. of photos. Proceeds to go to the JonBent Ramsey Children’s Foundation.

Review: First and foremost, the only reason this is a post is because it’s the 20 year anniversary of this poor little girls death and that as I have read the book in the past I feel like it would be a good one to review as it’s rare in the sense the parents of the murdered child wrote this and it’s such a sad and horrible story.

I do not have an opinion as to who I think did it and if I did I wouldn’t be sharing it here. This is a partial review with all options open.

Also keep in mind that this book was written before DNA was done and during the height of these parents being in the media spotlight.

It is from the point of view from both John and Pat and start from before the murder, to the day of, to the aftermath up to the time the book was published. My heart goes out to anyone who looses a child and this is a brutal and horrible way for it to happen.  You really do feel their grief in this story and can feel it in how they write about what happened in those 48 hours leading up and after the murder took place. Right from the start they claim they are innocent and stand by that throughout the whole book.


They write about the aftermath  and the media and what happened with their son. They kept some things out that we have found out since in the media and I am sure that is due to the fact the case was still open and very active at that time. They provide their own theories on who they think might have done this and why. Most of them involve a family friend, people in the pageant scene or someone who had seen Jon Benet in the public and become obsessed.

You get more details of the death and what happened and how they felt the whole time. You do not hear from the son, who we have now heard from now that time has passed.

There is a lot of references to religion in this book and good on them for keeping their faith throughout this whole ordeal but it was a bit tedious to read over and over again which is one of the reasons why I gave it a lower score. I get it is a big part of their life but when it takes up whole chapters it can make you a  little weary and want them to get to the point or progress the narrative.

It’s written well in a sense and not a long read at all. If you like true crime or books of this nature this is for you. Also if you are interested in this case and would like more from their point of view this is also a good book for you.

I hope for the sake of this poor, little girl that this case is solved. Until then it will always be a question of who could do something so horrible.


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