Review: The Bear by Claire Cameron

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Category: Adult Fiction

Published: Feb 2014

Read: June 2016

Score: 3.5/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) A powerfully suspenseful story narrated by a young girl who must fend for herself and her little brother after a brutal bear attack. While camping with her family on a remote island, five-year-old Anna awakes in the night to the sound of her mother screaming. A rogue black bear, 300 pounds of fury, is attacking the family’s campsite, pouncing on her parents as prey.
At her dying mother’s faint urging, Anna manages to get her brother into the family’s canoe and paddle away. But when the canoe dumps the two children on the edge of the woods, and the sister and brother must battle hunger, the elements, and a dangerous wilderness, we see Anna’s heartbreaking love for her family — and her struggle to be brave when nothing in her world seems safe anymore.

Review: This was a story which had suspenseful parts as well as parts where it was confusing. It was an overall good story and I won’t lie I did actually cry at two separate parts.

quote-the-feat-of-surviving-is-directly-related-to-the-capacity-of-the-survivor-claire-cameron-122-13-73It’s about two kids who are saved by their father by being put in a cooler while a bear is attacking them. They are saved by this move by their smart dad. You  are in the cooler for quite a bit as the bear doesn’t go away but you can hear the bear attacking their parents and eating the…the bones crunching…the blood as the bear sniffs around the small opening of the cooler. It’s suspenseful and you are hoping and praying (if you do that) that the kids are going to be okay and live through this. As you must keep in mind the little boy is 2 and Anna is 5. They do of course….there would be no book if they didn’t survive.

The next part is them trying to survive after they manage to get away. The little boy has no pants on and they are hungry and wet and scared. It broke my heart. That little boy didn’t know what was going on and was so hungry and they get separated at one point. When Anna finds him again the state of him is so devastating that it made me cry. I have a two-year old son too so I guess this part really hits home. grizzly400white_4-300x300

Than they are saved.

It was well written, and I get why it is why it is as it’s from the point of view of Anna. It’s like Room  in that way. The problem I had with this is because she has such an imagination that you would figure out what is happening and where the kids are and then she is off for two full pages about how this color reminds her of a friend who had barbies that she would play with. It was at times really hard to figure out what was happening and get back to the story. This is the biggest downfall with this book.

Brad-Paras-Grizzly-chargeThe end was a tear jerker as the kids went back to build a shrine to their parents and the daughter realizes what the mother went through and saw….totally cried at this.

I would recommend this for any adult who likes a good semi-suspenseful story. If you also liked Room and like stories that have a point of view of the child this is also a story for you. Some teens could read it if they can handle the suspense…but some of their books are more gory and violent. I don’t know if I would read it again but I am super glad that I am glad I read it in the first place. Look forward to what this author also has to come out with in the future.



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