#TBT Review: Wicked by Gregory Maguire


Category: Adult Fiction

Published: 1995

Read: Jan 2013

Score: 2/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) L. Frank Baum’s classic tale we heard only her side of the story. But what about her arch-nemesis, the mysterious Witch? Where did she come from? How did she become so wicked? And what is the true nature of evil?
Gregory Maguire creates a fantasy world so rich and vivid that we will never look at Oz the same way again. Wicked is about a land where animals talk and strive to be treated like first-class citizens, Munchkinlanders seek the comfort of middle-class stability, and the Tin Man becomes a victim of domestic violence. And then there is the little green-skinned girl named Elphaba, who will grow up to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West, a smart, prickly, and misunderstood creature who challenges all our preconceived notions about the nature of good and evil.
An astonishingly rich re-creation of the land of Oz, this book retells the story of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, who wasn’t so wicked after all. Taking readers past the yellow brick road and into a phantasmagoric world rich with imagination and allegory, Gregory Maguire just might change the reputation of one of the most sinister characters in literature.

Review: I’ll be honest this is one of the worst books I have ever read. I found it really hard to finish but finish it I did. The reason it is my #tbt book for today is because of me reading the Dorothy Must Die series I figured this would be really appropriate.

It’s the entire story of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba (fantastic name btw) and how she became so wicked and as we all know, dead by water at the hands of Dorothy. It starts off with her family and a little bit of confusion on how she became about. Could have been magic or adultery or both…but I was always confused about this part. Strike one for this book as the beginning of her was just boring and not a great way to start the story.

Than she goes to school and meets Glenda the Good witch, which funny enough is a goody two shoes and kinda annoying but their friendship is one of the good parts of this book. They are so opposite and yet make such good friends. This was prob the best part of the book, teenage wishes and all the problems that comes with that in a world that has magic. 3170997-038448ec05d9954b0102cb2e42e65c73

Than of course you get after highschool and even when Dorothy comes. That part was interesting as everyone already knows that part of the story but now you are getting it from the Wicked point of view.

It was a longer book, but there was pictures (see right) and they were well done but it didn’t help move the book along. It was drawn out and some of the descriptions were so confusing it made me lost. I loved the concept  and think it could have been great but as far as I am concerned this book fell very very short.

I know what most of you are thinking…it’s a classic, it’s a great book and for most people I am sure it was but for me I think maybe it was over hyped. ON that note thou, I am sure the musical is AMAZING and I would love to see it. I think with music and cut out half of the story it would be great! I am waiting for a movie…which I am surprised they have not done yet.

originalI know there are more books in this series but I have yet to read them and probably won’t. I do have other books by this author and I might attempt these. If you are really in to the re-telling of classics this is a book for you. It’s not teen geared, it is for adults so that might also appeal if you don’t like to read anything from teen series.

I am just sitting here waiting for the day for a really well done Oz retelling.



4 thoughts on “#TBT Review: Wicked by Gregory Maguire

  1. I totally respect other bloggers’ reviews of books, even when they don’t correspond with my views. But I still cannot believe that you don’t like this book! This is one of my all time favorite books in the universe…that I have read thus far.


    1. That is why I added that most people won’t agree with me I understand. It’s weird I am usually all for the whole re-telling and some parts I did like but I just found it really boring overall. It does happen thou that people don’t always love the same book, one of the main reasons I love reading other blogs. 🙂 Thanks for your comment. If you have any suggestions on good re-tellings I’d love to hear them!


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