Review: Bumbling Bea by Deborah Baldwin


Category: 9-12 Fiction

Published: 2014

Read: 2016

Score: 4/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) Beatrice thinks she has no acting talent but that doesn’t stop her from auditioning for the annual middle school play. She has two missions-winning the role of Pocahontas (which guarantees her popularity with the cool kids, at least in her mind) and grabbing the attention of her estranged father. Easy! Except a new girl from Japan shows up who is crazy in love with Kabuki Theater and ruins everything! So begins Beatrice’s diabolical and hilarious plan to scare away the visitor. Beatrice is sometimes sarcastic, sometimes very funny and always honest.

Review: First of all I want to say that I received this book from the author for my honest and truthful review on my site. This has no way influenced my review or thoughts on it.

This is a good book for girls, and maybe some boys, of the 9-12 age group. It’s about a girl named Beatrice who has this “alter ego” she calls Bumbling Bea. Bumbling Bea comes out at the worst time with sarcasm, rude remarks, mean things ect. Beatrice has a problem trying to stop Bumbling Bea from showing up and this causes problems for her.

The book is based around the school play of Pocahontas and John Smith and with Beatrice it’s the ultimate thing to become the lead in the play. This will not only make her popular but also help bring her dad back as her parents are currently separated. Instead the new girl gets the part in the play and this is not a good thing so Beatrice starts a plan to get her out.

It’s a small book and a really quick read, and would be a great book for reluctant readers as the words are big and it’s easy to follow. It’s got great concepts that I think every kid at this age struggles with. Fitting in, friendship, and being nice and a good person.

My only problem with this book is with Beatrice and the new girl, it was hard to figure out if they were friends or not as it kept going back and forth and a couple of times I wasn’t sure if they were or not…but the good thing is it I did end up figuring it out so the kids should as well.

You could really tell this author really loved the stage as the book is really based around this play and all that goes in to making a play.

Overall a great read, and I look forward to what this author might also put out.


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