An Ode To Bookmarks


What can I say I love bookmarks. They are the one thing that every book lover has. And if you don’t actually own a book mark you have something that passes for one. This is also an ode to those as well.

Book marks keep your spot in a book. They make the spot obvious if you happen to drop the book. I don’t know how or why but the book mark will actually leave a small opening where you last were. Unless you just put in there and then book falls…than your out of luck until you find your page again.

Bookmarks are a reflection of who you are. You pick ones that you love and that are something that appeals to you. You can find ones for anything and everything from Harry Potter, to animals and even Star Wars. You can find ones that are strings or just clip on to your book. What ever your heart’s desire you can probably find in a book mark.
bookmark Some people have book marks that they keep forever. I have one that I have been using for about 5 years now. Thank goodness it came with a protective plastic covering or else I wouldn’t have it now. I am not that nice on my book marks. I take them out, put them down and sometimes forget where I put it, and then I realize I am actually sitting on it.

Some people don’t use them but turned down the pages corners. Now I am not going to knock people who do this, it’s their choice, but I am not one of those people and I hate seeing books with turned down corners. I feel like a book cries every time this happens.

So this ode is to the wonderful book marks. Who keep our places in our books, who are there through many many books and many many years. I am happy that these monster_bookmarks_460were invented and that I can use them to save my books from too many turned down pages. So please take a moment and appreciate how wonderful and great these little things can be.


2 thoughts on “An Ode To Bookmarks

  1. Dog ears are the worst! I never lend my books to people but if I know someone does this I won’t even let them touch my books. Bookmarks are the best! I’ve started a collection recently and I love the way it’s growing.

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