Organizing Book Shelves

Hello Everyone!

I have spent this weekend organizing my book shelves down stairs. We are turning the big room we have in to a play room/library. So a place I can hang out with my son, which is super exciting. It’s a lot of work thou and it’s amazing of how many books I actually have. 0ae02e99-fdec-4060-955c-6e12a8a72abe

There are some things I have realized about this process. I have way to many books. I know I am surprised I am actually saying this but it’s true. I am in need of at least two more shelves. I get so many books I actually had a ton of doubles. There are a lot of books that looking at them now I realize I would never read them, not that they are bad but because I don’t have time and they just don’t appeal to me. It also takes forever to organize. Even if your books to put away are already in alphabetical order.

So it’s done for now, I am waiting for more book shelves to finish. I have Adult fiction to go starting at M. It looks fabulous and I am super excited we are getting somewhere. It’s also important to point out that I have left room for more books…because in reality that is SOOO going to happen.

d0f76931-1f76-4977-ae03-27f412438747So here are a few tips to use when organizing your books:

-Make sure you have a plan of action. How are you going to organize? I do Alphabetical by last name, but some people go by genre, and sometimes even by color (I have to applaud these people I could not organize this way).

-Be honest with yourself, are you really going to read this? Even if it’s five years from now make sure you want to read it or it appeals to you because otherwise it’s just going to sit on your shelf and take up space and collect dust.

-Make sure you donate anything you don’t want. Books are gold and if your reject book helps someone become a lover of reading than all the better. Do not recycle or throw them away.

-You can stack them up or put them side by side, or go crazy and do both. Makes for a better catch of the eye.

-Your going to get hurt. The books will fall  on you, you will have paper cuts and bumps and a few bruises. Do not keep hand sanitizer closer because this will only worsen the pain. Remember, this too shall pass.

-Keep space for more. There will always be more. 54f2a19c-f919-4908-a3fd-859c1f47f014

-Put the kids books where they can reach them and pick out their own. I am waiting for the day that this happen with my son.

-Be prepared, it is a workout, and will feed as such when you are done.

These are a few good tips to start with. I am sure there are many more but these were my go to all weekend. I am hoping to get shelves soon and get it finally finished. The best part is when you are done, it’s the greatest feeling of the world. I can’t wait to sit down there and look at all my BOOKS 🙂


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