Book Covers 101

You have all heard that saying “never judge a book by its cover” and quite frankly this is just not true when it comes to actual books. We all do it, we all judge the books by their covers. I know I have, there are many books I have not picked up and read because of how the cover looked. It didn’t appeal to me, it didn’t look like a good story…or it just didn’t even catch my eye.  Then there are covers that are beautiful and amazing and pieces of work in and of themselves.  Book covers, or so I believe, can make or break a book. If it’s a great cover, you hear about it and you see it all over social media.

You can also tell the type of book (usually) by the book cover. This helps you determine what kind of book it is even if you are not looking at the back or inside cover. myfairvikingRomance usually has half-naked men and windswept hair. 9-12 books are usually drawn covers with action happening. Teens can vary depending on if they are fantasy or romance. So you see even different age groups you can usually figure out what group they genera they belong to just by the cover. Although Adult Fiction can 15507958vary as well, most of them are simple pictures and the title or author in big letters.

Some covers are simple and some are so complicated. It’s great when you get a little bit of what the story is on the cover but when it’s just two people or a single object it’s hard to convey the message of what this book is about. Then you have the random books that have something on the cover and once you finish the book you realize it has actually nothing to do with the story.

Some of my favourite covers are the 3-5 age group. You always get an idea of what the story is about, and usually the pictures are rich in color and so well drawn they are beautiful in and of themselves.

Some of my favourite covers ever are the following:

5043 51L9OpRzjIL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_02 The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen 9781594634475_custom-a1c60d0db7c4d3d9fce99ec338b463c8ea95ca03-s400-c85



As you can see they range in how they look and you can kind of get what each book is about a little bit. You can also see that my examples are exactly what I described above. Now are any of these books ones you’d want to read because of the cover alone? I can tell you that for certain I have picked up all of these books because the cover was so appealing I had to find out what the book was about.

The other things about covers is when they change. Harry Potter is a great example of this. It’s hard to find original covers anymore and they are gold when you do find them. Sometimes you should just not mess with perfection.

So the next time you go in to a book store, check out the covers you are drawn too. Also check out the ones that don’t appeal to you. Even thou the cover might not be pretty or doesn’t match the story it could still be the best read of your life. So in conclusion judge a book by its’ cover, but then again…don’t!

What are some of your favourite covers?

Happy reading fellow book lovers. 


6 thoughts on “Book Covers 101

  1. I love simple classic covers. And oddly I avoid any book that has a person on the cover. I feel like I’m picking up trashy romance although that’s not the case and I know it. Dunno why.


    1. I am with ya on that one. Some of the teen books with real people look like trashy romance books as well. Although the one I just read (Light of Day) is like that and I turned out loving the book. I got it as an advanced copy otherwise I would never have read it because of the cover.

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