Review: Maybe A Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee


Category: 9-12

Published: 2016

Read: 2016

Score: 3/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) Sylvie and Jules, Jules and Sylvie. Better than just sisters, better than best friends, they’d be identical twins if only they’d been born in the same year. And if only Sylvie wasn’t such a fast—faster than fast—runner. But Sylvie is too fast, and when she runs to the river they’re not supposed to go anywhere near to throw a wish rock just before the school bus comes on a snowy morning, she runs so fast that no one sees what happens…and no one ever sees her again. Jules is devastated, but she refuses to believe what all the others believe, that—like their mother—her sister is gone forever.
At the very same time, in the shadow world, a shadow fox is born—half of the spirit world, half of the animal world. She too is fast—faster than fast—and she senses danger. She’s too young to know exactly what she senses, but she knows something is very wrong. And when Jules believes one last wish rock for Sylvie needs to be thrown into the river, the human and shadow worlds collide.

Review: This is a book about loss, and grievances, and sadness, and recovery and hope. And foxes, has anyone else noticed how big foxes are right now? They are the new owls, and I don’t mind although I love owls I do like the fox thing happening.

This is an okay book for me. It didn’t hit all the notes that usually make it a big hit with me. For a book about what it is, it’s a great story. If you are looking for something to give a child who has suffered loss, especially loss that is close to them than this is a good book for them to read.

Jules looses her sister and they are both really young. Once Sylvie is lost Jules is lost in a sense too. She now lives in the “after Sylvie” world and doesn’t like it. Her father is a strong man and does what he can to keep the two of them together. It’s hard, not only has Jules lost her mother but now her sister.

Just as her sister passes away a fox is born and born with a mission. They are called Kennen and they are around to help people with problems figure out and stop those problems. It takes a while but once the fox and Jules meet they both know that something big is happening and that it must be happening soon.

This is a nice story and a great meaning. What I didn’t like is that when it did come to its conclusion I didn’t feel like I was connected to the characters and should have felt more with what happened (sorry no spoilers here you will have to read it to find out). I also found that a lot of things were not all settled by the end of the book as I would have expected. I did really like the descriptions of Vermont in winter and spring. It sounded beautiful! ea05190df1b0727d6e1e50c7bf20eadb

It is a nice story, and an easy read as I read it in two days. For a kids book it’s an easy read for them and I am sure there are plenty of kids that will love it. It’s not one I would read again.





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