Why I Couldn’t Finish Sleep by Nino Ricci


One of my New Year resolutions was to stop reading a book if I wasn’t enjoying it or couldn’t get in to it. Case in point, Sleep by Nino Ricci.

I started this book about a week ago and would spend time reading it, and I really gave it a change. I read it different days and different times of days, thinking maybe because it says sleep it’s putting me to sleep. I got to page 50 and couldn’t do it before.

Nino Ricci is an award winning author. It’s not  bad writing, you can tell he has talent. It’s just that it was confusing book. It would jump from past to present within a paragraph. I couldn’t tell which time period I was in. Than the main character would go off on something else while he was thinking about something like his wife. So you can see how I would get really confused with this.

I was so excited to read this book as it was sent to me as an Advanced Reading Copy. I finally got around to it and I am sorry to say how disappointed I was.

For some people, they will love this book. It is what they are looking for and they will devour it. For me, it was not my cup of tea.

On to the next one.


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