Loosing Sleep Because of Reading


We have all been there, you find that one book that you can’t put down and you just keep reading. This happens every once in a while to every avid read. Just one more page becomes a motto, it’s all you think about until you are reading it again and finding out what happens.

This is a very real problem for everyone. I am having this problem right now with the book I am reading. I had to work this morning at 9am but I still stayed up till 1am reading a book…and it took everything I had to put it down. It didn’t help it was at a good part.

So here are some of the very real and very valid reasons why people lose sleep over a good (or even a bad) book:

  • You just want to find out what happens. This means one more page, one more chapter and next thing you know it’s about 3 hours later and you have to be awake in two. I’ve even know people at this point to say “screw it” and keep reading on never sleeping. I don’t recommend this, it’s called beauty sleep for a reason.
  • It gives you nightmares or dreams. I don’t know about you guys but this has happened to me before. Your so in to a book it seems in to your dreams and then when you do wake up you feel like you have not slept at all. Tread lightly this happens with zombie books the most.
  • It is so emotional you can’t sleep. This could be many things like anger, fear, loss, despair ect. Maybe you can’t get over what happened or your so mad at how that chapter or book ended your fuming and can’t sleep. This causes your mind to race and what that happens there is no hope in hell to get any shut-eye.
  • You just want to get it done to move on to the next one. You’ve gone this far and you must…finish….the….book. It’s okay it happens. Remember, the grass is always greener in the next book.

So there you go. Sleep deprived humans because of reading. We always have times when we are tired, I am a mom of a toddler so that is my life, but it’s okay when it’s because of a book.  images

So happy reading, and happy sleeping 🙂


2 thoughts on “Loosing Sleep Because of Reading

  1. Your so lucky. I was like that when I first had my son so I didn’t read much and slept when I could but now that he’s sleeping better I find I am loosing sleep because of reading lol. Last night wasn’t too bad thou.


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