Review: Willful Machines by Tim Floreen


Category: Teen

Published: 2015

Read: 2016

Score: 2.5/5

Synopsis: (Goodreads) In the near future, scientists create what may be a new form of life: an artificial human named Charlotte. All goes well until Charlotte escapes, transfers her consciousness to the Internet, and begins terrorizing the American public.Charlotte’s attacks have everyone on high alert—everyone except Lee Fisher, the closeted son of the US president. Lee has other things to worry about, like keeping his Secret Service detail from finding out about his crush on Nico, the eccentric, Shakespeare-obsessed new boy at school. And keeping Nico from finding out about his recent suicide attempt. And keeping himself from freaking out about all his secrets.
But when the attacks start happening at his school, Lee realizes he’s Charlotte’s next target. Even worse, Nico may be part of Charlotte’s plan too. As Lee races to save himself, uncover Charlotte’s plan, and figure out if he can trust Nico, he comes to a whole new understanding of what it means to be alive … and what makes life worth living.

Review: This was an okay book and I did read it very fast. As a teen book goes it’s typical and a good read for them. As for me and my standards, it could have been better.

Lee the main character. I did like how awkward he was and how much in the closet he was. I think it’s important to bring out more books with gay lead characters because as teenagers it’s not only important to read about  but also know about, empathy and understanding. I was a HUGE fan of his best friend Bex. She sounds super cool and someone I would love to be friends with. I liked the fact she was a strong-minded and opinionated girl.

Lee and Bex go to this prep school that his father went to, and his grandfather runs. He’s also the president’s son which makes things even more awkward. Than a new boy comes in Nico, and all things change. You see Lee become friends, and maybe more? with him and learn to live life a little bit more. This means getting away from his secret service handlers.


The characters are great, you slowly learn backgrounds and who these characters are and get to like them very much. Part of the problem I had with this book is it was very predictable, you knew who was after Lee very soon into the book. Plus nothing really happened to put Lee in danger as the synopsis would have made you think. Things don’t really get going until half way through the book and then back off. The ending is great and lots of action and you can see this being set up for a sequel.

The messages are great too, be true to yourself, be brave, life is worth living. I just wish there was more action and better conclusion.

So good things and bad things for this book. Teens will like it as a diverse book. It’s well written and besides the sequel I am excited to see what this author comes out next. I don’t hate it but I will not read it again.




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