New Years Message From Novel Pathways


As we end another year we must reflect on what the past has brought us. Good, bad and books. You must take what has happened and hold it dear. Let it shape you and from you in to an even better and bigger human being.

Life is full of trials and love and hope and loss. That is life and I wouldn’t take it any other way. With the bad you always get the good and vice versa. It’s all how you handle that.

One of the ways I handle things is by reading. I find I can escape to whatever world I am reading about and be there for a while. Come back out and face the world with a new perspective.

This is what is great about a New Year. You can start fresh, have faith that this will be the year that brings nothing but health and happiness and love and lots of amazing books. I always believe everything happens for a reason and remember with the bad always comes the good.

So on that note, have a happy and wonderful new year. May it be all that you deserve. May you read many good books and find the one that is your favourite. May you share those with me so I can also read the ones you love and we can share in that 🙂

Happy New Year, Happy 2016.


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