Review: Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley


Category: Teen

Published: 2015

Read: 2015

Score: 4.5/5

Synopsis: Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and Anne. The Brontë siblings have always been inseparable. After all, nothing can bond four siblings quite like life in an isolated parsonage out on the moors. Their vivid imaginations lend them escape from their upbringing, actually transporting them into their created worlds: the glittering Verdopolis and the romantic and melancholy Gondal. But at what price? As Branwell begins to slip into madness and the sisters feel their real lives slipping away, they must weigh the cost of their powerful imaginations, even as their characters—the brooding Rogue and dashing Duke of Zamorna—refuse to let them go.

Review: This is a beautiful and amazing book. I was lucky enough to get sent an Advanced Reading Copy by Harper Collins and they once again have not disappointed me.

2015-08-29-20-59-15_deco It is a story based on some fact and of course fiction. You have the four Bronte siblings, whom were real people. Whom did live in a parsonage with their father, their mother having passed away when they were all very young. They did have a upbringing that was “unusual” for the time. They were schooled, and encouraged to pursue their talents of both writing and art. All the while the women had to set their fates to being a governess.

It’s a time when women didn’t write a lot of stories and if they did they were always published under another name.

When they were growing up they did in fact write stories together. Lena takes these stories and turns it around by having the siblings being able to cross over to these worlds. They are everything they want; adventure, romance, parties, wealth ect. They can escape and go there any time they want and be who they want and write the stories how they want.

Then it happens, they start to be haunted by their own characters (gasp) and by their dead older sisters (whom were real people as well). That is terrifying in itself but it’s always more scary when it’s a haunting during historical periods, or so I think anyway. tumblr_nybs2qWwkN1sorkp9o1_1280

They pay a price to cross over, but to whom and how do they stop. The conclusion is amazing and this whole story is a great twist on classics. It’s an easy read over and the all the siblings at one point get to talk which is amazing. You get to see things from all of their points of view which I find really helped move the story along.

The reason I took half a point away is because I did feel like it could have had more description in the scenes. What they were wearing, how things looked. Lena told you but a little bit more to help the reader would have been great.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the Bronte stories (I sure am!!!). It’s a beautiful historical fiction book and a nice change for the teen section. A gem for sure 🙂

I also must comment on the cover. It’s such a beautiful cover!! Well done!!


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