Review: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


Category: Adult Fiction/Classics

Published: December 1843

Read: 2015

Score: 5/5

Synopsis: At home that night, Scrooge is visited by Marley’s ghost, who is forever cursed to wander the earth dragging a network of heavy chains, forged during a lifetime of greed and selfishness.

Marley tells Scrooge that he will be visited by three spirits, one on each successive evening and that he must listen to them or be cursed to carry chains of his own that are much longer than Marley’s chains.  17796d7c-3ab7-4036-ad59-e19b7e369c52

Review: I am surprised this is the first time I have ever read this book. I am a fan of Charles Dickens and love his work but for some reason have put this one-off until now. It’s a great quick read and a perfect one for the Christmas season. If you are going to read a Dickens’ book this should be the one.

Everyone knows the story, it has been told in many versions. The Muppet Christmas Carol being one of my all time favourites. You get the three ghosts, the redemption and of course tiny Tim. 0603af66-f40a-4828-9d5c-f6df4d4d4770

It is such a feel good message of hope and renewal and love and the Christmas spirit. You can change no matter what age you are, and be that better person. Make amends with what wrongs you have caused in your love and spread nothing but joy!

There were some times that it was hard to read the words for it was in older English but I have read books that have been harder to read in this sense than that. Either way I think both teens and adults should read this book and take its message!

So as Tiny Tim says at the end of the book, “God Bless Us Everyone!”




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