A Guide to the Best Books for Gifts 2015

Here is your official/unofficial guide to the best books to give for the 2015 season. Books are the best gift for many reasons. I think you should always give one book as a gift…if not you should start and this list will certainly help you.

There are so many to choose from but here are just a few suggestions. I chose ones I have read and ones that I have not but have heard good (first hand) reviews on. To put more than two or three choices would take all night.

So I hope you enjoy this helpful list and happy shopping.

Board Books 

downloadThe Monster At the end of This Book: A Sesame Street Book 

Why this is a good gift: This is such a cute book and it’s a classic. I remember reading it when I was a kid and that was long enough ago to make this a classic. It’s funny and interactive and will get your child involved in the reading part. This should be  part  of every child’s library.



download (1)Hi! by Ethan Long 

Why this is a good gift: I purchased this book for my son a while ago and it is one of his favourites hands down. It’s so colourful and have so many different animals that its super cute in many ways. It’s very simple, with each animal saying hi but sometimes that is all you need. My son would sit there and look at it and say Hi to all the animals and also make some of the noises. I highly recommend this one for little ones as it’s helped my son talk and it’s one that will stay with us forever.

3-5 Storybooks 

41SX5j4uJWL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ Ninja Baby by David Zeltser 

Why this is a good gift: This is a very recent book so I am sure that not a lot of people will not have it in their library and so it would be a wonderful addition. It’s all about Ninja Baby getting okay with being a big sister. A situation a lot of kids need help with (and it seems like a baby boom is happening in  2016 so more kids than ever need this help). It’s cute and easy to read and a great introduction to older books for kids.

517B0TkmvXL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_The Good Little Book by Kyo Mclear 

Why this is a good gift: This is a personal favourite of mine and I have gotten it for my son for Christmas (don’t worry he doesn’t read my blog yet so he won’t find out). It’s about a “good little book” that a boy finds and it helps him start to read and fall in love with reading. It goes with him everywhere till he looses it. Than one day he see’s the good little book with another child and see’s that the book is happy and the girl is happy. There are beautiful illustrations throughout this book and it’s a great theme and story.

6-8 Age Range Books, Early Readers 

download (2) Galaxy Zack by Ray O’Ryan 

Why this is a good gift: This is a great starter series for both boys and girls. There are pictures throughout but it’s advanced enough the kids will feel like they are reading a chapter book. It’s about a boy (Zack) who ends up on another planet and is the alien which is a funny twist on the usual alien on our planet story. Cute and funny it’s a big series so if they love it you can always get the rest and keep them reading.

61p4ux4rjiL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale 

Why this is a good gift: This is a great power female story for little girls. It’s about a princess but she’s also an evil fighter and is the princess in black in secret. She goes out and fights the evil and protects her kingdom. Again, lots of pictures which are very colourful. Great starter, and there are two in the series so I recommend you get both, they are equally good.

9-12 Age Group 

51u643G2a9L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz

Why this is a good gift: This is a book that I have read and recommend all the time. It’s good for those kids that are not very avid readers. There is a Disney channel movie that is a sequel to this book and so it’s something they can look forward to when they finish. It’s funny, action packed, and just plain good read. It’s all about the offspring of the evil villains from fairy tales. So characters most of us already know. It’s a great twist on the classic fairy tale.

Stitch-HeadStitch Head by Guy Bass

Why this is a good gift: This is one of the best-selling books in Europe. It’s funny and cute and all around a good story, plus there are pictures. It’s about a little Frankenstein boy who goes out to help other monsters and creatures become better people. What a great message right!? There are at least 5 books right now and each equally good. This is especially a good choice for boys.


18655355Stone Rider by David Hofmeyer 

Why this is a good gift: You don’t come across a lot of books in the teen category that are for boys. This is one of them and I can tell you from a first hand read that this is a great book for boys and one I always recommend at my work. It’s about one boy who looses everyone in his family and must go out on a ride to try to get off of earth. If you win you get a pass to sky base. Earth is a waste land now and that is the “promised land”. Not a lot of romance and sex so it’s great for teens.

18304322Dumplin’ By Julie Murphy 

Why this is a good gift: Every teenage girl (or even boy) needs to read this book. It is one of the best books I have ever read in the teen category. It’s about Dumplin’ who is a bigger girl living in Texas full of beauty pageants and boys and highschool. It’s about learning to love yourself before you let other people love you. About being who you are and being proud of it no matter what size you are.


THE QUEEN OF TEARLINGThe Queen of Tearling by Erika Johansen

Why this is a good gift: When I talk to people and they talk about books they talk about this one. It is a hugely popular book and is loved by anyone who reads it. It’s good for both men or women who love a good fantasy novel. There is also a second one which is fun, you could get both 🙂

51ETKpUBQzL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh 

Why this is a good gift: This is a great contemporary novel for adults. I have read this one and loved it so much I contacted the published and got sent her other book. It’s a beautiful story of a women having to suddenly be a mother to her children because her parents leave. Children that she has not been a mother too their whole life. It’s sad and sweet at the same time and if your person you are buying for are in to these kinds of books I highly recommend this one.

TheMagiciansThe Magicians by Lev Grossman

Why this is a good gift: This has been called the Harry Potter for adults. I have yet to read it but as a huge Harry Potter fan it is for sure on my list to read. It’s also being turned in to a t.v. series so it’s a great idea to get a book for someone who can watch the show after. It’s a win win that way. Honestly there isn’t much I can say when I describe it to Harry Potter.

US_cover_of_Go_Set_a_WatchmanGo Set A Watchman by Harper Lee 

Why this is a good gift: It is by a person who is a classic! Everyone at some point has read To Kill A Mockingbird. This is set after that story, about 20 years in the future. You get all the same characters and places and emotions and love. There was some issues  over this book but still it’s by an author that will never put out a book again (we think).


So this is my recommendations for what books will be good. If you have any to add please let me know. I hope this helps make you shopping better, as this time of year it’s hectic and stressful as is. fireplace-christmas-tree-gifts-favim-com-486602


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