Review: Home Alone, The Classic Illustrated Storybook

Based on the story written by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus. Illustrated by Kim Smith.

9781594748585 (1)

Category: 3-5 Storybook

Published: 2015

Score: 4/5

Read: 2015

Synopsis: Really, everyone knows this story or if you shouldn’t please see the movie. It is a classic and a must watch every holiday season. Do not see the rest of them, the first one if the best one. Basically, Kevin keeps getting in trouble and wishes his family away. The next morning he wakes up and they are gone. Than he realizes that there are two thief’s  that are going to rob his house so he does everything he can to protect his home. This movie is so full of stuff that is now part of pop culture history that it will forever be loved by young and old. mgid-uma-image-mtv

Review: This is the kids book of the movie and for the most part I loved it. The illustrations are beautiful and rich and full of colour. It’s the same story we all know and should love (again watch the movie!). It’s a great way to introduce this story to younger kids and a wonderful present if you so choose to get it. 0 Home Alone 2

I love how they can take a movie and turn it in to a book that you could read in about 5 mins or less. Which in all honesty is all the attention you will get out of children at this age. It’s also a great book about Christmas that isn’t directly about Christmas in a sense of tree’s, santa ect.

My only upset about this book is they do not talk at all about where his parents went. They are gone one min and then they are back at the end of the book. It wouldn’t have been hard to put in a page or two more to say where they were when this was all going on.

Other than that little oversight. This is a beautiful book and I am sure to keep it in my collection not only for my but for my son.

Home Alone


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