Why Books Are the Best Christmas Gifts


Tis the season is correct! This is the time of year that we all starting thinking about Christmas (or what ever holidays that you celebrate at this time of year). This usually involves presents. What better way to show people who you love and care about them. Books are the ultimate “I Love You” besides actually saying “I Love You”. book-gift

Here are some of the reasons why books are the best presents and why you need to go out right now and get your shopping done with these awesome gifts.

  1. It is the gift of words. One things that has transcended time is language and words and the power of them. Simple words can change life, can change worlds and change people. Imagine being that person who changes someone’s life-like that. Mind….Blown…..
  2.  You can start someone on the path to a life time of reading. This is geared more towards kids. I hear a lot “I know a child who doesn’t like to read much” and I think most children go through a phase like this at some point. What if you were the person to start them on a different path. One of books, and the love of them. All you need is that one good pick and it’s over, they are readers for life.
  3. You are giving something you love. I love when people talk about a book they are in love with. For whatever reason, most readers have one book that they have read over and over again as well as talk about to all your other reader friends. Pass this on to someone else. I find when you recommend a book that you love to someone they will love it in return…most of the time I can not guarantee this. give-books-as-gifts-af
  4. This will help build a person’s library. When you have books in your home it makes you look smart, totally why I have my book shelves. Help them not only find a new book but make decorating their home easy. Two birds, one stone 🙂
  5. Buying a book will help the receiver learn and love new worlds, and people. It will expand minds and in most cases make people more sympathetic and empathic towards their fellow human being. When you live a thousand lives you can be a better person, and if you can’t do this by travel than travel through words.




If this doesn’t convince you why you should buy a book for a gift than re-read again. If that doesn’t convince you than there is nothing I can do to help you. It is hard to buy books for people who already has many but take pictures of what they have or ask what they would like, it’s still a win win.


Happy Shopping. 


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