Review: Against Their Will by Nigel Cawthorne


Category: True Crime

Published: June 2012

Score: I will not score a true crime book

SynopsisTrue stories of twisted criminals who hold their victims in endless captivity to satisfy their perverse desires, Against Their Will is a comprehensive compendium of the most disturbing kidnappings of all time.

Review: The reason that I don’t score true crime is because I find it hard to score these kinds of books. These are true stories of fellow human beings and what they had to endure. It is horrible, and raw and real, and disturbing. So for that reason I do not score these kinds of books. I read them thou, and I figured it was time to do a true crime for the blog.

This one is different stories of different kidnappings. All of the people in the book that is mentioned survived their ordeal and most of them we all know about all ready like Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart. There were some that I did not know about.

I was a little disappointed about the writing style for this book thou. It was very dry and matter of fact. It’s suppose to be the “courageous stories of the kidnapping victims” but there was no emotion. We learned more about the horrible men responsible instead of the survivors.

I have read a lot of true crime and this one was disturbing yes but hard to read as well. There were lots of details but again they were very matter of fact. I feel like there should have been more compassion and emotion on the author’s part when writing about these people.

If you like true crime than this is one for you, again its stories that you might not have heard of.


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