Tis’ the Season for Christmas Books


So this is the year for Christmas books for me. There are always so many different Christmas books that come out each year, and in different genres. The only area lacking Christmas books are the 9-12, but hey you get them everywhere else so you can’t loose.

I have decided that with this blog I am going to embrace this season and start to read some after I finish my true crime book.

They may be sappy and full of cheer but I have a feeling I am going to fall in love. There are miracles, happiness, snow…can’t forget the snow. Maybe we all need a little bit more of those things in our life.

I have a son and this is his second Christmas. Which means that it’s going to be exciting and so much better than many years before. I think all this joy and excitement that he has shown when we have put up the tree and visited Santa has made me even more excited for this year. Due to this I believe I want to fully embrace the season and actually read some of those Christmas books I see all over the shelves.

There are so many to choose from. A lot in romance, which I am not going to read, christmas-books-440x435 but other’s in fiction that I will read and I am sure I will love.

Reviews will be coming up for these books. Look forward to those they will be full of joy 🙂

I think everyone is in need of a good Christmas book this season. Bring a little light to your life. Than enjoy a happy, warm, and wonderful holiday season no matter how you celebrate.

So curl up, get some hot chocolate (with candy canes in it), get some cozy reading socks and get that book. Happy Reading fellow Book Lovers. ❤


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