My Reading Life

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I realized this morning that I have never put a post up of why I love reading or anything about my life of books.

I have always been a reader. Some of my earliest memories are of picking up a book and reading it. My dad did read to me as a little girl but I prefered to do it myself. I guess that was where my independence started, was with books.

I read things like Peter Rabbit, and Jacob Two Two. I loved 3-5 books but I always read at an older lever. I was never a fan of the Sweet Valley High but I did love Baby Sitters Club. Even the movie for the BSC wasn’t too bad.

I always had a book on the go. I made time to read every day and would read before I went to bed every night. Not every book was good but if it was one that I was lovin’ I could never put it down.

There are some books that stand out to me in my life. I read Harry Potter when I was a teenager going through a rough time. I also had a cousin I was very close to pass away at that time. While all this was going on I was able to hide away in the world of Hogwarts and forget about the pain. It’s amazing how some books can do that for you and you will never forget them or how they helped you in a time of need. That is just one example but I have a few books that I have read over the year that have helped me through a rough time.


With books you can travel to new places. You can learn about new people and places and things. Even if they are fiction I still feel like I learn something new from a book. I can admit there have been some times where I don’t know what is written in a book, like an item or place, and I will google it just so I know for sure.

I still read all the time and love books. I love buying them, and reading them, and talking about them. I even work in a book store so I am up to date on the newest books. I get to go many different places when I read these books and I wouldn’t change that for the world. My goal is to teach my children to love to read as much as me.

One reason I started this blog is to share this love with the world. I love to give recommendations and help people find that one book that will change their lives.

Words can be power and change lives. I will always love reading. ❤  love-books-1


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