Review: The Scent of Secrets by Jane Thynne

Review: The Scent of Secrets by Jane Thynne


Category: Adult Historical Fiction

Score: 1/5

Synopsis: Clara Vine, a half-Jewish Anglo-German, uses her unique access to the upper echelons of pre-war Nazi society to spy for her native Britain. The novel richly fuses fact and fiction with a cast of real Nazis and their British admirers, such as the Mitford sisters and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Clara Vine, through her friendship with Eva Braun, finds herself enmeshed in a plot to assassinate Hitler. The setting of pre-war Germany is a treasure trove, and the irresistibly fresh perspective of Nazi wives puts a new spin on an ever-fascinating era, fraught with glamour, political tension, tragedy, and romance.

Review: I was not a fan of this book. It took all I had to get through it and finish it but I have to finish a book once started.


I was so excited for this book. The cover is beautiful and the synopsis sounds so intriguing that I really wanted to read it and I don’t know if I got my hopes up way to much but I was really disappointed with it.

It had a lot of description and that was great. I did feel like I was seeing what she was describing which was great because I didn’t live during that era so it’s all guess-work for me. The writing was nice. She is a great writer and I don’t want to lessen that.

What it was for me was the little action through out the book. I get this is a build up in a trilogy but there could have been more action and intrigue. She didn’t really hang out with the upper class of the Reich as the description suggests. Than we do meet Eva Bruan who is an interesting character in the book as in real life, but there could have been more with her.

Anyone who likes historical fiction will like this book and probably love the ones to follow. I have read and enjoyed many in this genre in the past but this was just not a hit with me.




I got this book from Random House as an Advanced Reading Copy. I am hoping the next one will be a hit.


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