Trying to Finish a Book

It is so hard when you pick up a book and you are so excited for it and then it turns out to be not so good of a read.

I am the type of person who has to finish a book. I get to a certain point than I have to make sure I get through it all. I know that some books take longer to get in to;  so really I always make it to that point of no return.

Then there are the people who know they are not going to like a book and can just put it down without a second thought. I don’t get these people, I wish I could but I can’t.

That is the struggle I am currently having with the book I am reading. It’s a interesting story but kinda boring and unfortunately I am struggling to get through it. I am so close, but still so far away. I can’t stop now.

So how do you go on, you just keep going on. Knowing that the book will end at some point. Than you can go on and read something that is better and fun and amazing.

There will always be those books that are not the greatest. What I always try to keep in mind is that someone, out there somewhere will love this book. books2birder420x600fc13t


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