#TBT Review: The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini

Review of The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini kiterunner

Published: 2004

Read: 2007

Category: Adult Fiction

Rated: 4.5/5

Synopsis: Amir is the son of a wealthy Kabul merchant, a member of the ruling caste of Pashtuns. Hassan, his servant and constant companion, is a Hazara, a despised and impoverished caste. Their uncommon bond is torn by Amir’s choice to abandon his friend amidst the increasing ethnic, religious, and political tensions of the dying years of the Afghan monarchy, wrenching them far apart. But so strong is the bond between the two boys that Amir journeys back to a distant world, to try to right past wrongs against the only true friend he ever had.


Review: This is a beautiful, moving, and touching book. I remember reading it as a borrow book from someone and went out and bought a copy for myself as soon as I was done. It was such a powerful story of friendship and love and redemption. I think I read the entire book within a 48 hour period and that doesn’t happen very often but it’s one of those ones that you can not put down.

The reason I took half a point away is because there were some really disturbing scenes in the book. True to life I am sure but they were so hard to read that it gave me nightmares. I can’t imagine being someone who had to live through this time period (or even now) in a kind of country like this and go through what most people have to go through everyday. It makes me ever grateful for what I have and my life here.

I think that everyone should read this book to understand a bit more about the people the country and how it was compared to now. How these are human beings too and children once and they are shaped by the everyday things they have to deal with and the things they see.

I must say I was even impressed by the movie version of this book. It was equally touching and beautiful and a good adaptation of a book to movie (which doesn’t happen often).




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