Review: The Nest by Kenneth Oppel

The Nest

Review: The Nest by Kenneth Oppel 

Age Group: 9-12

Score: 4/5

Synopsis: She was very blurry, not at all human looking. There were huge dark eyes, and a kind of man made of light, and when she spoke, I couldn’t see a mouth moving, but I felt her words, like a breeze against my face, and I understood her completely.

“We’ve come because of the baby,” she said. “We’ve come to help.”

In this beautiful, menacing novel, perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, an anxious boy becomes convinced that angels will save his sick baby brother. But these are creatures of a very different kind, and their plan for the baby has a twist. Layer by layer, he unravels the truth about his new friends as the time remaining to save his brother ticks down.

With evocative and disquieting illustrations by Caldecott Medal– and Governor General’s Award –winning artist Jon Klassen, The Nest is an unforgettable journey into one boy’s deepest insecurities and darkest fears.
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Review: What can I say about this book? It is bizarre, beautiful, well written, scary and well just odd. I loved it. I don’t know how many kids would like this, it is a bit scary for some but if you have a child that doesn’t mind a good scare than it’s for them. Will I look at wasps the same ever again?! Probably not! I think if you have mature kids they will thoroughly enjoy this book and would want to read it over and over again. It’s also a great book to read around Halloween.


It touches on great things  and there is a really good underlying message through out the book. How do the siblings feel when they have a sick little brother or sister. The parents always spend more time with the sick sibling, going back and forth to the hospital all the time and appointments. It’s stressful on everyone in a family and I think this is something that needed to be written about. The story talks about how he feels about this and the fact that he isn’t getting as much attention as he used to. It also touches on how he feels about his baby brother. How he feels go from one thing to another. It’s an honest and real account of how these feelings are and how you deal with them on your own and as a family.

It’s also interesting to read about a boy who has fears and anxiety and what seems like a little bit of OCD. They are not the normal kid that you would normally read about in the book, the one that is going to be the hero and might be a little bit scared. It’s refreshing to read about a boy that you could actually meet in real life.

Now as for the scary parts, near the end it was more scarier than I would have imagined. Now I don’t know anyone who likes wasps. If you do…what is wrong with you? They suck! But if you do like them and like them still after reading this book…you need to be checked out! I didn’t think I could hate a bug any more..and it’s happened.


This defiantly makes me want to read more of this authors books.


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