The Do’s and Don’t: When Borrowing Someone’s Book

To some people, books can be passed around and it’s no problem. If they don’t get it back that is also fine.


I don’t get these people. To me my books are gold. You treat them with respect when borrowing them, and that is if I let you borrow them. I always torn by this. I want people to read and love sharing some of my favourite stories but I also don’t want to part with my precious books.

So this is a constant concern I have but I am opening up and letting more people borrow my books, as long as they are nice to the. I am happy to report so far so good.


Here are some do’s and do nots on how to treat a book when you are borrowing it from someone, or even the library.


Returning on time:

Do- Returning it in a timely manner. As soon as you’re done reading the book, return it. If you are a little slow getting around to reading the book, that’s okay it does happen, just let the owner know.

Don’t- Keep it for months. It is not nice to have someone’s books kicking around for months on end.


Reading the Book:

Do- Read the book and enjoy it. If you don’t, don’t trash it when you give it back. You never know how much it may mean to the owner. This is especially true of anything Harry Potter.

Don’t- Give away any parts of the book. What if the owner hasn’t read it yet and has (out of the goodness of their heart) let you read it first. Keep this in mind and no spoilers.


Treating the Books:

Do- Take good care of the book by making sure it’s given back in the same state you took it. This includes both inside and out. We all know things happen, I latterly had a dog eat a book once, but be honest.

Don’t- Dog ears are bad, they are book killers. Make sure the book is taken care of. Don’t leave in the car, don’t shove it in a bag. Take care like it’s your own child, somewhere these books are someone’s child. Keep that in mind J


Food around the Books: food-in-fiction1

Do- Eat before reading. Or snack lightly when reading. One of the greatest activities in life is eating and reading at the same time. Use a napkin, hold your book far away, or wait until all food is safely put away.

Don’t- Treat your book as a table or a coffee holder. Nothing is worse than seeing coffee rings on the top of the book. It’s sad when paper is all crunchy because something was spilled on it.


Giving the Book Back

Do- Always give the book back. One day they will realize that you still have it and you don’t want to be known as the one who took the book and got away.

Don’t- Keep the book forever and ever for it to go in to the lost book abyss. I work in a book store and can’t tell you how many times I have someone come in and tell me they have to replace a book because they lent it out and never got it back. The look of sadness and pain in their eyes are real. Don’t be that reason.





I hope these tips help when wanting to borrow someone’s book. Once you’re established as a good book borrower than you will always be trusted with their most precious reads.


May a happy borrowed read be in your future 🙂 

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5 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’t: When Borrowing Someone’s Book

  1. This is totally true! I absolutely love this post. All your advice is good. I’m always hesitant to led out books! They are my babies. I’m a big library-visiter, so I don’t buy books too often. When I do, it’s so special! It’s also true that you always remember. I still remember that a friend I had when I was 8 (8!) I lent a book to and never got it back…. Sigh.


    1. It a very real problem. I buy a lot of books (I work at a book store so that doesn’t help that situation) but even when I have so many I remember all that I give out to lend and don’t get back. I am very picky on who I lend my books to. Glad you like the advice 🙂

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  2. This is very helpful. I’m always scared to lend my books to anyone just because I feel like they’re not gonna handle them with care.


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