Tips: How To Read More Often

So we all have said this before “I don’t have time to read”. Life gets very busy and that is a fact. You work all week, spend time with family and in between that make meals and socialize. It’s very time-consuming. So it is an everyday problem (especially for the book lover) to carve out time to read.

I have composed a list of 10 fail proof ways to make sure you are reading daily.  



  1. DON’T PICK BIG BOOKS. Yes it makes you proud when you finish something the size of a cow and with a million pages. I get that. If you are only reading books that are that big and long then you will read very often because it’s so intimidating. Limit it to one overly large book a year…if you have to. Otherwise pick smaller books that are easier reads.
  2. READ BEFORE BED. I know this may make you tired or you’d rather watch television but just don’t. Have a book beside your bed and even if you get a chapter done a night that is one more chapter closer to finishing that book.  This could also help you fall asleep so bonus!
  3. READ DURING COMMERCIALS. Honestly who watches these anyway? It’s a good 3-5 mins of reading time that you can get in during your evening. That could be one whole chapter. If you are unlike me and have to have it quiet when you read, than just mute for those pesky commercials.
  4. BRING YOUR BOOK TO WORK. Why socialize with co-workers when you can read? Most people have a half hour to an hour lunch break. Spend it with your nose in a book. But don’t be rude to your co-workers to do this. If they want to talk let them, but make sure you have the book out and visible so that there is an indication of what you would rather be doing.
  5. TAKE YOUR BOOKS TO ALL APPOINTMENTS. We all know how boring and horrible it is when you have to wait to see someone like your doctor or dentist. There are usually a lot of people in the same waiting area, and everyone is frustrated and just wants to go in and out. It’s not like you talk to anyone, or want to for a matter of fact. So read! Take your book and sit there ignoring all the other people around you, which happens anyways, and just read. You can probably get a lot done as wait times in Ontario are horrendous.
  6. READ WITH THE KIDS IN YOUR LIFE. I heard of a parent not too long ago reading their favorite book to their son.  It was Animal Farm. Not an appropriate book for a three-year old but hey reading is reading. Not only can you read what you want but if it’s not graphic in specific ways I say read to the kids in your life and do it often. You foster a love of reading in them and get some of your book done. This one is just a win-win situation.
  7. SKIP THE MOVIE (OR TV SHOW) READ THE BOOK. We all know that books are always way better. So instead of watching the watered down version of the book, read it instead. Than…if you want watch the movie or show go for it, but always read the book first. Time and time again it is always better and reading is better for your brain. A movie is usually a good two hours so this is a large amount of time to be reading instead.
    Although I don’t hate them I am not a fan of E-books. It’s great for people who travel but for some of us there is nothing like the feel of a real book. I have had a lot of friends tell me how fast they read though books in this form though. So if that is how you want to get through them than this is the way to go and most copies (and extras) can be found in e-book form. banner-ebooks
  9. TAKE READING BREAKS. I know what you’re thinking…this is how to read more and not less. Hear me out. If you take a break and not read anything for a while when you actually go back to reading you will have missed it so much you won’t be able to put  what you are reading down. It’s a proven fact.
  10. IGNORE EVERYTHING IN LIFE AND JUST READ. 6a00d83451580669e20176176ae860970cWhy eat when you can read? Why sleep when you can read? Why spend any time with family and friends when you can read? The best way to make more time to read is to only read and ignore everything else. You will be astonished at how fast you can get through books.


Follow one or all of these guides and you will find you are reading more books more often. If you have any questions, don’t ask them instead pick up a book and use the time to read more.  



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