Introducing Myself

This is my FIRST ever blog post and I am really excited about it. I decided for my first one I would talk a little about me and what are some of my favourite books. It’s hard to just pick one, there are so many great books but I have painstakingly narrowed it down to 10.

I have always loved books. Some of my earliest memories are reading books with my parents and then by myself. I not only read them but I also sell them. My job is at Chapters and I couldn’t be happier. I get to talk about books ALL day every day! I also get to make recommendations which is such a great feeling when someone comes back and say they love the book you told them about.

I read all kinds of genres and age groups. I try to mix it up all the time so I am not reading the same type all the time. I am also lucky to receive some books ahead of their publish date so I can help you decide before it’s even out if you would like to read it or not.

You can look forward to lists, reviews, a what’s new section, and just general commentary about books.

So please enjoy my blog and I hope that I help you find your next read.


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