Review: The River by Alessandro Sanna


The River by Alessandro Sanna

Childrens 3-5 Story Book

Rated: 5/5

This is such a beautiful and wonderful book. I am so happy that we have it in our collection and  I can’t wait for my son to grow up and enjoy it as much as we do.

There are no words in this book. The stories are all told with beautiful pictures. Alessandro Sanna is a world-renowned artist living and working in Italy along the banks of the Po River. He uses this back drop as the backdrop for each of his stories.

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There are four picture stories in this book in total. There is one for each season. They are so well done and so beautiful.

This is not only a book for kids (helps them use their imaginations) but also for adults as well. unnamed (1)

Book Haul

11219078_10154198408274908_3141459836154573613_nThis is my book haul from the Harper Collins Fall Preview for book sellers last night. There are some really good gems coming out this year.


Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy-This is going to be such a good read and is already getting rave reviews online and in store. About a girl, who no matter what loves herself despite her size. This is the heroine you want for your little girl.

These are all going to be good and I can’t wait to read them. Keep posted for reviews on everyone of these great books. Look for them in your local book store as well.


Which one are you looking forward to?

The Illegal by Laurence Hill Book Signing

11215745_10154198415124908_7060025155646263922_nMy copy of The Illegal by Laurence Hill.

I got him to sign it for me yesterday at the Harper Collins Fall Book Preview.

You should  pick up this book. I thought I knew what it was about, and then I hear Laurence talk about the storyline and I am so intrigued I can not wait to pick it up and read it.

We also found out that he is currently in the works of writing a screen play for it. So if you’re a fan of The Book of Negroes than you should pick this one up for yourself today.

Review: The Killing Lessons by Saul Black


Review: The Killing Lessons by Saul Black

Adult Mystery/Thriller

Rate: 3/5

This is a crime novel written by “Saul Black” which is the pseudonym of Glen Duncan. I was really excited to read this as I have never read any of his books before and it’s been a while since I have read any kind of mystery or crime thriller.


It was an assault to the senses this book. It did get very graphic at some points and when it involved children you just wanted to close your eyes but had to keep on reading.

It starts off as two men entering the home of a woman and her two children. Your doors will always be locked after you read what happens there. After the events in the first home, you meet the lead detective involved in trying to solve multiple murders to women. All of these women have been found dead, with objects in their horrific wounds. The cop Valerie, has her own issues as well which doesn’t help when trying to solve a high-profile case.

You not only get the point of view of Valerie but also of the killers Xander and Paulie. As well as other characters that come and go throughout the book. It makes it interesting  as you get to see what is going through everyone’s minds as these things are happening.

There are some parts of this book that are nail-biting and you are on the edge of your seat. You keep turning the pages because you want to figure out exactly what is going to happen. These parts are amazing and if the whole book was like this it would have gotten a 5/5.

The only issues I have with this novel is the fact there are so many characters. It seems some of the chapters are thrown in with different characters that you hear about but in reality does not have any real impact to the story. It could have been left out of the book and the story could have kept up more pace this way.

If you love thrillers or any kind of crime novels this book is for you. I will be checking out more of his books and letting you know in future posts what I think of those as well.

What Pet Should I Get? by Dr. Suess

What Pet Should I Get


What Pet Should I Get? By: Dr. Suess

8 out of 10

This is one of those “found” books that have come out recently. Geared towards 3-5 age group. It is a cute little book and of course has the style of rhyme that is found in most of Dr. Suess books.

It’s got two kids who go to a pet store and have a hard time deciding on what pet they should get. There are lots to choose from, from pets you know (i.e. dogs and cats) and creatures you will only find in the Suess world.

It’s a great book to have in your collection for any Dr. Suess fan and of course most kids I have seen reading it love it. Not as colourful as some of his books and of course there are some better ones like Horton Hears a Who and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but this is one you will want for your library or collection.